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DHS manufactures IV fluids, dermatological ointments and EEN drops and sprays for the Central and East African markets.

We manufacture intravenous fluids, dermatological ointments and Ear, Eyes and Nose (EEN) drops and sprays to serve the Central and East African markets in need of these first-line lifesaving pharmaceutical products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Kampala has an annual production capacity of 30 million units of intravenous fluids commonly known as IV fluids or solutions which come in different medicated forms and volumes packed in soft non-PVC bags for treating dehydration, malaria, diarrhea, dengue fever, etc.


Our mission is to elevate Uganda’s pharmaceutical sector standards and provide high quality products at affordable costs as we continue to embrace new innovations and product formulations.


All our products are manufactured in compliance with international standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Uganda’s National Drug Authority (NDA), the national regulatory authority in the field, and are ISO certified. Our fully automated facility integrates high-tech engineering into production processes and building design to maximize the quality of products, the safety of personnel and seamless operations.

We produce a range of products in the following pharmaceutical segments;

  • Dermatological ointments
  • Ear, Eyes and Nose (EEN) drops and sprays
  • Intravenous Fluids/Solutions in Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) and Small Volume Parenteral (SV) for different treatments such as normal saline, dextrose, water for injection, lactated ringers, etc.


DHS manufactures, distributes and sells all its products in order to monitor the entire supply chain and uphold the quality standards set forth by the regulatory authority. Products which are not sold directly to our clients are distributed through a network of certified agents or distributors.

With our brand new fleet of refrigerated trucks we are able to deliver orders quickly and efficiently to our domestic and foreign clients. We intend to increase our logistics capacity so that we can offer quicker and more reliable delivery services to our growing clientele in the region.

Our dedicated customer service representatives take orders by phone or email and liaise with the Sales and Marketing personnel to make sure that every order is processed in a timely manner. They also do the follow up to evaluate customers ‘satisfaction with our products and services.


DHS plans to increase its market share by expanding its production capacity in the near future and to establish a larger distributors’ network within the Central and East African regions.


Our products are sold throughout the Central and East African regions to both public and private sectors such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and pharmaceutical depots. Some products are sold directly to clients while others get sold through our distributors. Regardless of the sale channel the end consumers are the same: patients in healthcare facilities as our products cannot be sold over the counter. The have to be prescribed and administered by medical professionals (i.e. doctors and nurses).